Orphans at Ndumo

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There are now over 2,000 orphans and vulnerable children living in and around the small village of Ndumo on the Mozambique border. A small group of local volunteers made up of teachers and assisted by volunteer members of the community, struggle every month to feed and provide assistance for these children who are often either left alone, without parents, or in the care of an elderly relative, or, sometimes, in desperation are exploited and used as labour in return for some food and shelter. Many, however, are left to fend for themselves in desperate circumstances. You can make a difference by offering the Ndumo Orphans Care Committee with assistance through the distribution of ePap, a nourishing food supplement which ensures nutrient sufficiency, even where regular food is not available. This programme is supported and monitored by Cheryl Ogilvie and her team of volunteers from Tshwane College, Pretoria. As little as R50.00 will provide an orphan with a daily meal of ePap (fortified food supplement) for one month – the average cost of two cups of coffee and a muffin! Our target for this initiative is R20,000.00.

Target amount for this campaign: R20,000 | Total amount donated: R7,000 | Percentage of target: 35%